July 2018  
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Youth Ministry
Youth Pastor: Harold Smith

The Youth Ministry at FBC Pelham exists for the sole purpose of leading students into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and growing that relationship into a life used for the glory of our Lord!

All teens are welcome from grades 7th grade or 13 yrs old and up!

Our weekly schedule:       Sunday 9:45am      Small groups Bible study - Youth building

                                                                         11:00am   Morning Worship - Church

                                                                          5:00pm     Training in Missions Ministry / Music, Evangelism, Story telling - Youth building

                                                                          6:30pm     Evening Worship - Church

                                                                          7:30pm      Youth Extra!  Once a month - following church evening worship service

                                                                                                 *Some activities may require leaving church property*


                                                              Wednesday  Night              SCHOOL YEAR  SCHEDULE!

                                                                          5:00 - 5:20    Discipleship Classes! - Youth Building

                                                                          5:20 - 5:50    Games - Youth Building

                                                                          5:50 - 6:20    Dinner - Church Fellowship Hall

                                                                          6:20 - 7:30    Bible Study and Activity - Youth Building




SPRING Schedule:

Jan.     3          Senior care Visits                               5-8 pm                                     Ministry

       19-21        Teen Leadership Weekend                Sign up needed                     @ Camp Crosspoint

            21        Youth Extra!                                        7:30 pm                                   Bonfire


Feb.   1-3        Prison Family Ministry                        Sign up needed                     Ministry

            5          Valentine Banquet / Youth Sponsored                                               Ministry and Fundraiser

        9-11        DNOW Tucker Assoc.                        Sign up needed                     6-12 grades

       23-25        Father / Son Retreat                           $ 50                                         @ Camp Crosspoint

      25-28        FBC Spring Revival Services             6:30 pm                                   Youth sing on the 28th

            25        Youth Extra!                                        7:30 pm                                   Ice cream sundaes


Mar.     3          Camp Family Day                               10 am-4 pm                             @ Camp Crosspoint

         9-10        Overnight Mission Trip                        Sign up needed                     Missions

            18        Youth Extra!                                        7:30 pm                                   Mega Volleyball!

           21        Youth led Awana night                                                                        Ministry

            25        Youth Easter Presentation                 6;30 pm                                   Ministry


Apr.     4          No Youth

      19-21        PCC College trip!                                Sign up needed!

            29        Youth Extra!                                        7:30 pm                                   Night Soccer


May     16        Family Picnic – Food, swimming and games             5 – 7 pm          @ Camp Crosspoint

            19        Car Wash                                            8 – 11 am                                Fundraiser

            20        High School Senior Recognition

            30        EOS  Water War!!!                              5:00 pm                                  


June    3-8       Training Week             8-12th grades   Sign up needed!                    @ Camp Crosspoint

       17-22       Mission Camp             7-12th grades   Sign up needed!                    @ Camp Crosspoint

       24-29       MS Teen Camp           5-8th grades     Sign up needed!                    @ Camp Crosspoint



* There will be various service opportunities after school and weekends that will be announced *




DNOW Registration 



Camp Crosspoint printable registration  http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55bfadf8e4b02dc51b69d3b9/t/589dfb6637c581ab277cad3e/1486748529095/Camper+Registration.pdf

  Camp Crosspoint Camper Online Registration http://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSep8rsb1gvsRIFzh1ZfCvcYSFkK5msAfBiMBfisoYsPZD0_EA/viewform  

 More information about Camp Crosspoint, go to:  www.campcrosspoint.org/camps




Park Outreach – Is an opportunity to play games, serve food and share Bible lessons with children in our local parks!

Boys and Girls Clubs - An opportunity to help and minister to boys and girls after school right here in Pelham!

Worship Services – An opportunity to be a part or all of morning and evening services here at FBC Pelham

Baxley Childrens Home Mission Trip - An opportunity to help and love on some children that are in need.


  Contact us with any questions: 229-221-1565 Harold     229-294-8073  church officecell  


Any student who travels with Pelham First Baptist Church Youth needs to have a medical release form on file in the church office.